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I have a studio in Brighton where I teach, practice and record drums. The main kit is a Sonor 5 piece with Paiste cymbals and a selection of snares and percussion. Click here for the equipment spec pdf (coming soon). When recording I use Logic Pro and then send the files out as individual wav files via my Idisk or YousendIt accounts. The files are sent out clean and left for you to mix within the context of your song.

If you're interested in using this service send me an email with your track as it currently exists (MP3 format is fine) and then I will ask you to send me some individual wav files so that I can create a mix to record to. We'll keep sending files backwards and forwards until you're happy with the finished product and I'll charge you an hourly fee or a daily charge depending on which is going to be the best value for you. The drums are set up and ready to record so there are no charges for setting up and getting a sound. It's all quite straightforward and I can talk you through the process as we go.

Check out the tracks in the discography which have been recorded for various clients at different studios to get an impression of what I can do. If you are interested in including me in your project please email me via the contact page. We can then discuss further how I can help you including time frame and costs.